Financial Fraud and Alternative Investment Litigation

NBP specializes in the recovery of assets misappropriated or devalued through Ponzi schemes and other financial improprieties.  We have also litigated claims arising from “alternative investments” on behalf of investors (including hedge funds, family offices, trusts, limited partnerships, and high net worth individuals) as a result of breaches of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, and conflicts of interest.  Through targeted litigation, NBP has recouped in excess of $100 million for victims.  In so doing, NBP has prosecuted claims across the United States to tie up assets and pursue culpable third parties that were complicit with or aided and abetted the misconduct.  NBP also cooperates with federal and state investigatory agencies, and utilizes forensic experts to track and recoup client funds.

A central focus in handling financial fraud cases is to ensure that clients don’t exacerbate the loss with costly and reactive “shotgun” style litigation.  NBP also identifies and pursues only viable targets, while preserving claims against the primary wrongdoers in the event of distributions through bankruptcy, insurance claims, or restitution orders. 

Through our experience, we are fully aware of defenses available to third parties, including U.C.C. protections, limitation of liability clauses, and contributory negligence theories.  We carefully craft claims and conduct discovery to minimize the impact of the inevitable road blocks raised by defendants.  We have a databank of research and briefs on the substantive issues raised in financial fraud matters.