What the Fraudsters Don’t Want You to Know

In retrospect, it always seems obvious. The Wall Street executive with 30% annual returns and a private jet is in handcuffs after his investment scheme collapses. And you shake your head at how so many people fall prey to financial fraudsters. Yet, the victims are often savvy investors, who have professional advisors, or who have friends, colleagues, or country club buddies who also invested. Sometimes, the victims even include institutional investors or billion dollar hedge funds. So what gives? In recent years, our firm has recovered over $100 million for investors victimized by so-called alternative investments. We have had a front row seat to a stunning array of fraudulent schemes – – from fake real estate deals, to dodgy investment funds, to “classic” Ponzis. Along the way, we’ve discovered striking similarities in these cases that are common, but not commonly known. We aren’t talking about “if it’s too good to be true, it is” clichés, but rather inside information and red flags that all investors must know. Link to the attached article authored by NBP lawyers Will Nystrom and Mike Paris to learn more.